Release your inhibitions

While some tune in to MTV’s The Hills for the cat fights and hook-ups, I try not to miss it so that I can check out the style. (Hold your groans. I know that some of you are less than die hard fans…) Despite what your thoughts may be about this so-called “reality” show, these girls put together some pretty stellar ensembles both on and off screen, in my opinion.

If you happen to be wondering why there are no photos of Heidi included in this entry…wonder no more. I don’t like her or her style. In fact, I can’t even believe that she has a line of her own. I would pretty much rather wear a potato sack around than slip into anything by “Heidiwood.” You got it, She-Pratt makes the cut in my books, but Heidi does not.

Oh how I would love to raid the closets on the set of this show. Lots of legs, cool shades, bright colours, fun hairstyles and no shortage of perfect handbags, funky kicks and other quirky accessory pieces that seriously punch up their outfits. Mock their scripted reality all you want, but style points are definitely earned here, folks.

**Photos in this post are not property of Work In Progress. All images in this post have been taken from various websites and stockpiled in the “style” archives . If your photo has not been credited and you would like it to be, please e-mail me.**

5 thoughts on “Release your inhibitions

  1. Well, you already know my opinion of The Hills…Can’t wait for it to start….Heidi’s clothing line is white trash….Team Lauren!

  2. I LOVE the style on this show. Yes, it’s totally scripted and silly, but the clothes and the shoes and the purses.. *sigh* to die for. SATC is the same way for me, but those outfits are a little too wild. I’m glad someone else enjoys the fashion. I was kind of disappointed with Lauren’s clothing line, I went to Holt Renfrew to maybe buy a piece and it was about $130 for a cotton skirt you could probably buy at AA for 40 bucks. Many times I’ve tried to emulate Lauren’s outfits. I really like the picture with the orange pants and white shirt, but my legs would look like upside down construction cones.

  3. They may have great clothes, but IMO they will always look like dumb prep heads, and a great example of the clothes wearing you rather than the other way around. They remind me of girls from my high school who *think* they are fashionable just because they can afford labels. I mean, with that Chanel LC looks like she’s playing dress-up.

    – J @

  4. J, I knew that you were going to hate this post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts in the comments🙂

  5. Love the Hills and the style. Particularly Whitney’s style. But have to say, not sure what she was thinking with that blue ensemble above…

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