Go Explode

Matt Good

Matthew Good and his band kicked off their cross-Canada Vancouver Tour last night with a show at The Abbey Arts Centre in Abbotsford, BC.

Diane and I met up with Duane, his totally sweet mom and his friend Tony for a pre-show bite to eat and a few drinks at Earl’s. It was super nice to catch up with Duane. It had been quite sometime since we last got together and we both agreed that it needs to happen more often.

I opted to see Matt and the guys play this date out in the valley on account of the fact that I have to travel for work next week, so I will miss both shows in the city. It also fit quite well into my little staycation. Although the Abbotsford crowd had a noticeably different vibe than is usual for his shows, I always welcome the opportunity to see Matt play in these smaller venues. Plus, I lucked out with front row tickets, which gave us a fantastic perspective.

Mother Mother opened the show. Admittedly, I only knew one of their tunes going in. Hayloft is my current number one pump up running track and gets a lot of play on my iPod, so I was stoked to hear it live. I enjoyed their whole set enormously and loved their fresh, offbeat sound. I also may want to get sexy, blunt bangs cut into my blonde mane so that I can fit right in.


Matt and the band made a dramatic entrance, getting right into it with my favourite song from the new record, The Boy Who Could Explode. Despite the fact that it was the first show of the tour and my friend, Mr. Perfectionist was less than pleased with it himself, I can pretty much guarantee you that every single person sitting inside that venue thought the show was amazing. And it was.

Matt is, of course, famous for his intelligence, his political savvy, his quick and sardonic humour, and his unwillingness to suffer fools. Incredible songs aside, Matt’s witty interludes have always been a high point of his concerts (for me, anyway). Last night in particular, Matt was on fire. I swear, if he ever decides to retire from music, there’s no doubt in my mind that he could have a career as a stand up comedian. The show was a hell of a lot of fun- and I’m sure that from a technical stand point, it will only continue get better from here. That’s what the first show’s all about- it’s a jumping off point.

I’m currently working on getting some videos posted to my You Tube page. You can check out some clips from last night’s show here as well as some more photos here.

Wishing Matt, Stu, Blake and Milos all the best on the road.

6 thoughts on “Go Explode

  1. Thanks Jennifer – I really enjoyed reading this entry and it sounds like the tour will be amazing. Thanks again for sharing.

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