Midnight At The Glamour Show

She emerged onto the pop music scene as a mysterious chanteuse wearing gigantic dark sunglasses and rectangular football-player shoulder pads before “Just Dance” dominated the music charts. Now the world has fallen charmed to Lady Gaga’s quirky brand of unavoidable pop and homemade glittery costumes. Gaga possesses a highly sexualized, artistic vision. She is not merely a pop singer; she perceives herself as a modern-day Andy Warhol, a walking, talking, pantless 24-hour art project. Conquering the pop world is merely phase one of a campaign to dominate fashion, film and art.

Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour steamrolled through Vancouver this week in all its electro-pop, disco infused glory for three consecutive sold out shows.  Kristina, Deanna and I were beyond pumped to join all the glamour boys and glitter girls for the Thursday night edition.

The pre-show scene outside the Queen Elizabeth Theatre was what you might imagine. A sea of blonde, pink and blue-wig-wearing Lady Gaga imitators, loaded up with face glitter, thunder bolt eye makeup, oversized shades, masks and the occasional makeshift light-up “disco stick.” There were record breaking numbers of shirtasasdress.com offenders. In fact, we lost count of the actual total lady bits sightings because it was happening so frequently. Many people in the crowd seemed very pleased to have a chance to bust out the hairspray and heels and get their collective freak on. It was truly people watching at its finest. As always, the girls and I were loving it.

At the center of this spectacle is Lady Gaga herself-with the kind of trademark sexually charged, inuendo and profanity-laced performance that has vaulted her to superstardom. Lady Gaga is more than just a shiny pop package. She’s a phenomenal performer with a myriad of tricks up her haute coutured sleeves.

The show itself was immaculately choreographed and visually stunning.  Her set was raucous and racy and I’m quite sure that it featured almost as many costume changes as songs. What really sets Gaga apart from the masses of lip-synching Britney clones and wannabes is her pure musical talent. She’s the real deal. The Lady can sing…(and dance and play piano)…hell, she can even smoke cigarettes on stage, apparently.

What’s most fascinating about Gaga is her ability to be just strange enough in the very shiny pop music world where she thrives. She can perform, banter and rile the crowd up like the best of ’em. But more importantly, she challenges her audience just enough to make her that much edgier than other pop tarts out there. She’s innovative. She’s doing things that nobody has done before and it’s refreshing.

Having been to more than my share of concerts over the years, I have to  say that Gaga’s Monster Ball was one of the absolute best I’ve experienced. Hands down, unreal.

4 thoughts on “Midnight At The Glamour Show

  1. So glad you had such a great time!! Im honestly pretty bummed I missed out on not one, but three shows. Sadly the ticket price and my wallet just didnt agree with each other.

  2. I would love to see her live it looks like a great and entertaining show. I love her weirdness in the pop scene it’s so refreshing.🙂

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