Heart Shaped Bruises

Photo via Walk on the Wild Side

I’m sipping on weight loss tea this evening. I’m secretly hoping that it will somehow counteract the shortbread I couldn’t say no to this morning. Who is the asshole that left a box of shortbread on the table in the lunch room at work today, anyway? Don’t they know I’m stressed out and shortbread is my Christmas kryptonite?

I can’t believe it’s the middle of December already! Where has the last month gone?

At some point, I suppose I should start my Christmas shopping. I always do this. Last minute Lucy. It’s my version of living on the edge. I’ve also completely dropped the ball on the Christmas card situation this year. I didn’t feel entirely guilty until I pulled the most adorable, little holiday card with a photo of a koala bear inside out of my mailbox. It was from my favourite pseudo Australians. Now I feel like a jackass.

In order to get through the next couple of weeks at work (which are bound to be absolutely insane,) I’ve decided that this will be my mantra:

Photo via Etsy

I’m serious.

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