Groove Pants


I’m currently going through what I like to call my “Fall Hermit Phase.” It’s pretty typical for me. After a busy and social summer, I’ve happily spent the last few weeks laying low. Work has been go, go, go and admittedly, I haven’t wanted to do much more than loll around in my down time. One might call me an Anti-Social Anna. It seems that stress is quite the little energy zapper. So tonight I find myself in bed, curled up under my duvet avec laptop, listening to the rain and Regina Spektor. It’s not that I didn’t have twelve errands to run tonight,  it’s just that once I got home and changed into my Groove pants, there was no chance I was leaving the apartment.

Pumpkin scones taste like autumn. True story. What more do I need in life? Pumpkin scones, my snuggie, a puppy, the new issue of Vogue, olives from Urban Fare, a volcano filled with money, Christmas music and Jimmy Fallon. Whether or not I have all of these things is irrelevant.

4 thoughts on “Groove Pants

  1. I was just thinking the same thing over the weekend. Perhaps it is due to the weather, but curling up on the couch with a book is far more appealing than most things these days.
    I love ‘Groove Pants’ – that is awesome!

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