Happy Happy Joy Joy


I think it’s important to take a step back every now and then to enjoy the little things in life; take stock of what makes you happy (even the guilty pleasures) and let the small things slide.

Some things that make me happy: blue skies, my shiny new computer (and being a Mac convert), the subsequent photo and video shoots with Photo Booth (obsessed), sushi, making lists, shopping, my pink snuggie, writing, SNL, movie previews, watching hockey, wandering around the city by myself, family time, cupcakes, reading a book I don’t want to put down, weekend brunch, feeling like I have accomplished something, MTV “reality” shows (except Jersey Shore- I do not get that one), fresh sheets, good wine, live music, making people laugh, late night talk shows, basketball games, new episodes of Gossip Girl, wearing a new outfit for the first time, fashion magazines, people who live with passion, enjoying delicious meals with good friends.

What makes you happy?

One thought on “Happy Happy Joy Joy

  1. pretty much all the same things. Except the sports. But I’d go for the beer and banter.
    I also love new lip colors, pancake sundays, getting snail mail, drinking wine while cooking holiday meals, changing into sweat pants when I get home at night… SO MANY things I love.

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