Random Friday Notes

  • I’m anxiously anticipating My Week With Marilyn, a film about the seven days Marilyn Monroe spent in Britain, away from the limelight, with producer and writer Colin Clark. I wouldn’t have thought I’d be able to imagine any mainstream actress pulling off this role, but something tells me that Michelle Williams is going to nail it.
  • I’m addicted to Tazo Green Ginger tea. I’ve been spending these chilly and rainy days drinking copious amounts of it… occasionally (err, often) supplementing with my other favourite winter beverage in the evenings, red wine.
  • I can’t wait to kick off this year’s Stoddart family Christmas tomorrow morning with my favourite tradition- hunting for the perfect tree in Fort Langley and then decorating it with twinkling lights, tiny bows and all the ornaments we’ve collected over the years.
  • The BFF arrives from Qatar in 4 days. It doesn’t truly feel like Christmas to me until we’re both staying at our parents’ houses down the street from each other.
  • My big thing right now is posting inspirational typography quote posters to my various social media pages (example). They keep me focused. Things happen and don’t always go as planned…but down the line, if you push hard, stay true to yourself and have a goal in mind– you’ll get there. I need to remind myself of this.
  • I want a knit headband turban thing just like this. I’ve become obsessed.
  • A meeting of the minds with interesting, beautiful, passionate, creative, talented and fashionable ladies who also happen to be totally sweet and down to earth is a wonderful way to spend an evening. We must make it a regular thing, Danielle and Alicia.
  • I like guitars, I do. I don’t play ’em, but I sure do like ’em. And that’s that.

4 thoughts on “Random Friday Notes

  1. Love Michelle Williams but I think Marilyn was a twat, so that will be interesting to me.

    Aww @ your BFF! My childhood best friend lived just 5 doors down from me. My parents don’t live in that house anymore, but I can imagine what it would feel like for us to both be ‘home’ for the holidays.

    I want one of those turban headbands too!

  2. #1 I also want to knit a tuban like that! I asked for knitting supplies for Christmas so hopefully I can actually attempt to make one soon! We should have a knitting party!

    #2 I absolutly adored hanging out with you and Alicia! That was so much fun, we MUST do it again!

  3. Ahhhh I’ve also been obsessing over knit turbans. Want to order them from NastyGal together and save shipping costs? I’m only half joking…
    It was so amazing hanging out with you Jen, it honestly felt like we’d been friends for years! Next time I will be taking photos to blog though, so prepare yourself🙂

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