I always thought I’d be a mom

Photo: The Sun

Happy celebrity news to share! People reports today that one of my favourite babes, the lovely Gwen Stefani is expecting her second child. Stefani and her husband Gavin Rossdale welcomed their first child, Kingston, on May 26, 2006.

In an August 2007 interview with InStyle, Stefani called Kingston “the best thing that has ever happened to me” and said she was eager for another addition to the family. “Obviously I’m in a race to have another, but I don’t want to do it while on tour,” Stefani said at the time. “I can’t wait to get pregnant again. It’s so fun and consuming and romantic.”

Photo: Faded Youth

Perhaps I have babies on the brain this week post Sunday baby shower…either way, the Rossdales are one of my favourite celebrity families and I couldn’t be more excited for them!

Beautiful blue

Today I hit the highway (despite the crazy, snowy conditions from Burnaby to Surrey) bound for Fort Langley. Jenna and the salon crew hosted a baby shower for my friend Beeuwke, who just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Stave Gordon on January 5th. With baby’s first skate shoes in tow, I wouldn’t have missed this celebration for the world.

Beeuwke has been among other things, my co-worker, hairdresser, boss and friend. In many ways, Beeuw was always like my cool, older sister. Through the years, she has given me advice, taken me on many downtown Sunday shopping sprees, cut, curled, styled, highlighted, coloured and extended my mane. She has been my confidant and concert buddy (I couldn’t even venture a guess at how many times we’ve seen Bif Naked together!) She’s the kind of person who will drop everything on New Year’s eve, in the middle of the night, to come and pick up her friend Jenni, who is stranded downtown with no way home (yes, that’s a true story). I was by her side when she got her first tattoo, she held my hand when I got my belly button pierced. She’s been there through too many dramas and crises to remember and has proven that she’s somebody I can count on time and time again. I watched her get married in June to a man who makes her happier than I’ve ever seen her.

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting her son Stave for the first time, who is such a little bundle of joy. I must say, motherhood looks damn good on her!
Those who know me, also know that I have a fear of holding newborns. Something about how tiny and vulnerable they are makes me incredibly nervous. I’m always terrified that I’ll break them or that they’ll just start screaming uncontrollably as soon as I touch them. After the first year, I’m happy to swoop in and babysit but until then, no can do. Somehow Beeuwke convinced me to hold her little man today (photographic evidence to come). He was such a little angel. I couldn’t be happier that I got to have a little cuddle time…it wasn’t even scary at all once he was in my arms! (He didn’t cry either, just for the record!)

I want to wish Beeuwke and Brian congratulations and all the best in their adventures in parenting!