DC’s King Of Vancouver

The top finishers from the DC Nationals City Qualifiers all over Canada hit the famous Vancouver Skate Plaza in the heart of the city this past weekend for DC’s King Of Vancouver, the final stage for this summer’s series.

DC’s King Of Series is a global grassroots skateboarding contest. It travels to local street skate spots in cities across the globe, welcoming the city’s best unsponsored skateboarders to compete in a jam format contest. This weekend Vancouver also welcomed members of the Global DC skate team including Colin McKay, Josh Kalis, Lindsey Robertson, Marquise Henry and Matt Miller.

The choice to have a King of contest in Vancouver was obvious—Vancouver has always been one of Canada’s best skate cities. The streets of Vancouver have spawned many pros including DC riders Colin McKay and Ryan Smith, with Vancouver’s wooden indoor play lands (like the Skate Ranch) bringing up other future pros like Moses Itkonen, Sluggo, and Rick Howard. The city’s skate terrain is unique and versatile. On any day, you can skate the streets of downtown, the plaza in the heart of the city or hit up one of the many parks.

DC’s Canadian Team Manager Trevn Sharp did an incredible job of heading up the DC Nationals Tour, culminating in the big show at KOV this past weekend. Reflecting on the summer’s events, Trevn said, “We saw some amazing skating go down and realized that kids are getting better and better every year. This year we saw a lot of young guns coming out and ripping hard to secure a spot at the finals, proving that anything is possible when your knees are still fresh. Because every city is different, as is every skater, so were each of the city qualifiers. With different elements associated with each province, each skater had their own unique bag of tricks that they brought to the table.The line up for the King Of Van is a mix of raw street skaters, buttery smooth control freaks, big gap assassins and young ‘ins who seem to think that nothing is impossible. Fifty skaters will meet up in Vancouver and each has a shot at becoming the king.”

In the end, it was 16 year old JS Lapierre from Notre Dame, QC who reigned supreme. He placed first on both Saturday and Sunday, earning him the title of King. Lapierre walks away with instant global exposure throughout the skate world, a spot on DC’s Canadian amateur team and $7000 of the $10,000 purse. He will also receive a “SHAZAM” in Color Magazine, where he will be partnered with some of the best photographers and writers in the industry.

Plus, not only did DC hook up the skaters this weekend, at the end of the King Of Vancouver, a cheque for $10,000 was presented to the city of Vancouver for repairs and maintenance on the downtown skate plaza. The money will help ensure that the plaza remains the center for the Vancouver skate scene for years to come.

Under sunny blue skies, it was a fun filled and entertaining weekend at the skatepark for myself and the massive crowd who joined me.

Skatepark Saturday

The DC King Of Series will be landing in Vancouver this summer on August 22 – 23, 2009. DC’s King Of Series is a global grassroots skateboarding contest which tours to new skate spots all over the world, welcoming the city’s best unsponsored skateboarders to compete in a jam format contest. A win at these contests gives undiscovered street skaters more than just their local city’s respect.

“We are super excited to combine the DC Nationals final contest with the DC King Of series this year,” says Trevn Sharp, DC’s Canadian Skate Team Manager. “I have already seen tons of sick skating and I am sure the level of skating at the Finals will be even higher. I’m really looking forward to seeing who will be crowned the King Of Vancouver this August.”

The DC Nationals City Qualifiers will send the top 5 skateboarders from each contest to attend the King Of Vancouver, acting as the final stage for this summer’s series. In order to skate in the King Of Vancouver, skateboarders must qualify at a City Qualifier. The winner of the King Of Vancouver will walk away with instant global exposure throughout the skate world, a piece of the $10,000 cash purse and a spot on DC’s newly formed DC Kings Team, DC’s latest skate squad based completely off DC King Of contest winners. They will also be eligible to receive an article in Color Magazine, where they will be partnered with some of the best photographers and writers in the industry.

Yesterday I rounded up the troops and headed out to Port Coquitlam to check out the Vancouver City Qualifier, which was happening at the Railside Skatepark. It was the perfect Saturday afternoon: sunshine, friends, fun and incredible skating.

There are 4 City Qualifiers still to take place, the next being this coming weekend in Regina.

For more information and full contest details visit DC Nationals. Videos from all of the City Qualifiers will be available at Push.ca. You can also follow @DCNationals on Twitter for regular updates.

You can read Trevn Sharp’s blog about the Poco event, which is included in his series about the national contest here.

A Hot Day At The Park

On Saturday, I hung out in the sunshine at The Forks Plaza skate park in Winnipeg. It was the Manitoba Regional Qualifier for the DC Nationals, and dang it was hot out there. Despite it being a work event for me, I was more than happy to spend the day at the park because I love to watch skateboarding and I had an absolutely awesome crew by my side.

I was stoked that we were in town to help out, watch the kids get their skate on and hand out stickers. Stickers are like candy to the kids at the park. I was easily the most popular chick there once word got out that I had an abundance of DC stickers in my bag. The was one kid in particular, who hounded me all day. Every time I turned around, he was there, begging me for more stickers. I discovered that he’d covered his entire bike in them, which was pretty sweet. He’ll be riding the “DC mobile” around town with pride, no doubt. The emotional connection that kids have with this brand is clear as day, and it’s an unbelievable thing to see.

DC Nationals is Canada’s only nationwide skateboarding contest. It also boasts the largest contest cash purse for Canadian amateur skateboarders. The top five skateboarders in each region will advance to the Nationals to compete for a piece of the $20,000 cash purse. First place at each Regional Contest will receive airfare and accommodation to the Nationals in Montreal on August 23rd. Since 2003, DC has given back to its roots of skateboarding by hosting this championship. The mission of the contest is to promote and involve Canadian youth in skateboarding. It’s the only event of its kind that gives Canadian amateur skaters a chance to showcase their talent on a national level. Yesterday’s Manitoba comp was presented by Sk8 Skates.

Watching these guys carve out creative lines under cloudless skies yesterday, I marvelled at the mad trickery so many of them have been able to master. Some of the littlest kids can land some of the craziest jumps. I am in absolute awe of skateboarding, I really am. It’s an almost esoteric culture that contains so many facets and constituents. It’s pretty rad.