California Love

Photo: ICYDN

I know I’m going to get all kinds of flak from all of you Hills haters out there for this, but I have to say… I love Lauren Conrad‘s Spring 2009 collection.

It was shown last night at the Smashbox Studios as part of Mercedes-Benz LA Fashion Week. Lauren hung out back stage where she helped style the models and make sure her clothes were dressed perfectly.

Creating good basics has proven to be a more difficult task than one would think. I think Lauren has nailed it with this collection, which has a true retro feel to it and draws inspiration from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Her designs include strapless floor-length dresses in muted white, blue and brown, high-waisted shorts and thigh-skimming flowered dresses with bubble skirts. Thick black and brown belts cinched dresses in at the waist. Overgrown ‘Carrie Bradshaw flowers’ adorned headbands, completing the show’s feminine theme.

Maybe I just love this collection because I would wear every piece. Oh well, I do…and I would.

Photos: Getty Images for MBFW

Sweet Pretty Things

Photo: Zimbio

My girl Whitney Port’s new clothing line is finally available! The first few pieces of her collection have been released and are currently on sale at Kitson. The former Teen Vogue intern and her friend Adrienne Baravetto have co-designed some absolutely adorable party dresses. Kitson lists the line as “Whitney Eve,” although I believe it may technically be called “Eve & A,” since that’s what’s been reported and appears on the line’s website.

To me, Whitney’s line seems a little more high-fashion and interesting than LC’s line of casual dresses. The collection is very romantic, featuring lots of ruffles and sequins. The downfall of the collection, in my opinion, is the price tag. I think the prices may be a bit too steep at about $495 a piece, despite the details. I’m just not sure who’s going to pay that kind of cake for one of these babies, even though they’re lovely.

Photos courtesy of Kitson

Whitney’s one busy lady these days, as she will also star in a new Hills spin off series called “The City,” which has just begun taping in New York. Plus, rumour has it that she’s got a new gig at Diane Von Furstenburg in the works. The truth is, the primary reason that I watch The Hills is to see what Whitney’s wearing and what she’s doing at work (…well, and because despite what a dog he is, I still think Brody Jenner is a total babe.)

I heart Whitney and her cute, little dresses.

Photo: Zimbio , filming “The City” in NYC

Release your inhibitions

While some tune in to MTV’s The Hills for the cat fights and hook-ups, I try not to miss it so that I can check out the style. (Hold your groans. I know that some of you are less than die hard fans…) Despite what your thoughts may be about this so-called “reality” show, these girls put together some pretty stellar ensembles both on and off screen, in my opinion.

If you happen to be wondering why there are no photos of Heidi included in this entry…wonder no more. I don’t like her or her style. In fact, I can’t even believe that she has a line of her own. I would pretty much rather wear a potato sack around than slip into anything by “Heidiwood.” You got it, She-Pratt makes the cut in my books, but Heidi does not.

Oh how I would love to raid the closets on the set of this show. Lots of legs, cool shades, bright colours, fun hairstyles and no shortage of perfect handbags, funky kicks and other quirky accessory pieces that seriously punch up their outfits. Mock their scripted reality all you want, but style points are definitely earned here, folks.

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